Nashik’s architecture shines at Taiwan

NASHIK: Ankit Gaidhani, an architect from the city was awarded in Taiwan at the ‘International Design Competition – Design Resilience in Asia’ held at Cheng Kung University (NCKU). He represented India through the PVG College of Architecture in Pune. Interestingly, only three contestants from all over the country could participate in the tournament.

Gaidhani presented to the international community a project on the constructive use of water which is wasted in Indian festivals. “While moving through the 21st Century, we are widening the gap between culture and development, noting that we should achieve sustainable development by keeping the ideals of Indian culture in mind,” he said while receiving the award.

Gaidhani is a member of City Architecture Association, Nashik. After graduating from Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, he worked for a while under the guidance of Padma Bhushan architect Hafiz Contractor. He then earned a Master’s Degree in ‘Urban Design and Research’ and made an independent contribution to this field.

“Like many other cities in India, Nashik is an emerging city and from the very beginning, special emphasis should be given to the planning of the city,” Gaidhani said.

The environment in Nashik is also changing rapidly. As the city is also growing in an arbitrary manner, there is a lack of planning, he added.

He also hoped that Nashik should make smart moves, considering the recent floods in the city or the drought that has occurred in recent years. In Chennai too, a few years ago, the disaster of the city had hit the town planning. Taking into consideration such examples, it is necessary to take subtle thought while leading Nashik towards a smart city, Gaidhani said.

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Updated: December 2, 2019 — 5:22 am

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